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by lessontank
Price: $89.95
25 hours
13 Lessons
13 Students


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The Fundamentals of Guitar is a straightforward introduction to the instrument. We’ll delve into the basics of guitar terminology and technique with one purpose in mind: to give you a solid foundation that won’t break down later on.

We’ll cover everything from tuning to strumming to chord shapes, incorporating both video and text-based learning. The course is optimally suited to students aged 12-adult.

Learning an instrument isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be complicated.


Concise, informative videos

Qualified, professional instruction

Equivalent to 8-10 weeks of traditional lessons

Supplementary blog entries

Indefinite access to course materials

Direct access to instructor through email support

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What You Get

  • Video Lessons
  • Written Lessons
  • Quick, Fun Quizes

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