About Us


Everyone has talent, savvy, natural endowment. Perhaps it’s painting or coding or wicker basketry. Maybe you can play O Canada on the Cornish bagpipes. More power to ya. But talent is like film; it has to be developed, otherwise it’s nothing more than semi-translucent, brown tape. (Did my analogy just break? I think it’s broken. Rats.)


I’m Benjamin Hoppe, musician, instructor, and founder of this lovely thing called LessonTank. I know you could be been scrolling, glow-golfing, frolfing, or larping right now…thanks for reading!


LessonTank is a video lesson platform. It’s designed to be a place where you can learn pertinent information in a way that keeps you engaged and tracking. A place where you can invest in your gifts by “frying your bacon in the grease of the ages.” Standing on the smolders of clients? Something like that. Video lessons that you can access anywhere, anytime, and as often as you need.


And one more thing. I’m a sincere advocate of the idea that tough concepts can (and should) be explained simply. No complexity-for-the-sake-of-complexity allowed past this point.


Our first course is here! An introduction to The Fundamentals of Guitar. I was a guitar performance major, so this is squarely in my wheelhouse. Very excited to share it with you.


Never stop teaching me,


Benjamin Hoppe